Presentation of the key findings of the CCAF's 2nd Global Alternative Finance Market Benchmarking Study - Shared screen with speaker view
Neil Jessiman
If anyone has questions, the research team is monitoring the chat and will answer here.
Hong Sin
Hello from Thailand - Sinwattana Crowdfunding Corp. I like to know if we will be able to download the presentations shared
Neil Jessiman
We will have the slides posted on the report page either later today or tomorrow. The report will be live after the webinar.
Sabina Bychkar
Hi from Germany, i would like to know the criteria you used for defining SME in your research
Krishnamurthy Suresh
Unlike P2P/Marketplace, the platform entities under Balance sheet models provides a loan directly to a consumer/Business borrower.
Tamara Ferreira Schmidt
I'd like to know why does Brazil appear twice in different positions in the alternative finance per capita 2020 chart? Thank you.
Felipe Ferri
Hi Diogo, by on Balance Sheet, please check the model description: "The platform entity provides a loan directly to the business/consumer borrower,ascribed to on-balance sheet non-bank lending."It is when the platform provides a loan directly to the consumer.
Igor Gorbatsevich
sorry posting again, think it only went to panelists:
Igor Gorbatsevich
Is page 15 based on the home of the platform or the home of the borrower or the home of the lender? Surely Malta for example is more a base for platforms but the platforms provide funding in other countries?
Felipe Ferri
Hi Ashley Oerth, Institutionalisation refers to the proportion of total volume led by institutional investor.
Daniel Méndez Delgado
Amazing job, so insightful … very excited for whats to come
Krishnamurthy Suresh
Hi Oksana, P2P/Marketplace Lending are the individuals or institutional funders provide a loan to a consumer/Business borrower, commonly ascribed to off-balance sheet lending.
Neil Jessiman
Please can you direct all questions to All panellists and attendees as some of the research team are in the audience
Naushad Khadun
I second Daniel on this. Truly amazing work and we really appreciate that you're sharing the knowledge with the rest of us. This will add value to what we do everyday wherever we are.
Igor Gorbatsevich
Thanks all, clearly an unbelievable amount of work has gone into this. Did you manage to separate parts of the market? eg. real estate investments? Thanks, Jatin (Shojin)
David Logan
Through the lens of the data presented today, I would be interested in learning more of what your thoughts are for how we can get more institutions to enter in the equity/debt alt financing. David@Umergence.com
Felipe Ferri
Hi Oksana, thanks for asking:P2P Definition: Individuals or institutional funders provide a loan to a consumer/businessborrower, commonly ascribed to off-balance sheet lending.;Alternative Finance Definition: Though a somewhat amorphous term, at its core, ‘alternative finance’ includes digital finance activities that have emerged outside of the incumbent banking systems and traditional capital markets and occur online.
Felipe Ferri
Hi Igor, thank for you question:We show the operational jurisdiction of the platforms, we don't ask to platform directly about their clients' location, we do analyse the internationalisation proportion within a market, which you can explore on the both global and regional chapters
Felipe Ferri
Hi Tamara, thanks for spotting, we are going to fix this typo
Felipe Ferri
Hi Oksana, please, a little more context:we are defining Digital Lending as credit activity facilitated by platforms that match borrowers with lenders (investors) and includes activities referred to as "peer-to-peer (P2P) lending", "loan-based crowdfunding" or "marketplace lending" and also may include platforms that use their own balance sheet to intermediate between borrowers and lenders. To paraphrase, a crucial characteristic is that the platform make use of digital technologies to interface with its customers online, with key functions occurring on the digital platform.
Felipe Ferri
Tamara, the right figure to consider about Brazil is $25.03
Tamara Ferreira Schmidt
Thank you Felipe Ferri!
Krishnamurthy Suresh
Hi Oksana, Yes, we have our Taxonomy and its part of the report.
Amy Vik
Can you please tell prosocial crowdlending volume?
Amy Vik
What are the reason(s) that highly (traditionally) banked countries are driving the demand?
Felipe Ferri
Hi Andreas, we conducted a similar analysis for the UK SME market. We compare the UK P2P Business Lending volumes against that of the Bank of England loans, new loans to SMEs, new loans to small businesses. In this way, we track the annual market adaptation of P2P Business lending against traditional SME financing.
Krishnamurthy Suresh
Thanks, Amy. We do track Crowd-led Microfinance within this report. The report will be available after the event and you can find this information in the chapter 1, volumes by business models
Amy Vik
Great thanks!
Felipe Ferri
Hi Andreas, it is, in the UK chapter you will find this analysis
Temiloluwa Oluokun
Thanks to the CCAF Team for an amazing report and insightful conversations at this webinar.So the evolving landscape and market dynamics of the Alternative Finance Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa, has seen increased need for consideration of incorporating credit enhancement provisions, and other forms of guarantees to improve credit quality. This is underlined by the need to attract institutional investors (such as pension funds), and protect investors.What do you reckon should be the appropriate regulatory approach to this, given the need to deepen our markets here?
Amy Vik
How do you get these volumes for Pakistan 2019 - $5,437,235.06 & 2020 - $17,279,724.86?
Leyla Mammadova
Hi Temiloluwa, thank you for your question. You can find the the comparison of policy and regulatory approaches by regions in our report.
Neil Jessiman
Does anyone have any questions specifically for our panel?
Daniel Méndez Delgado
Hello Neil, I do have one specifically for the panelist: What would you say are the 3 main takeaways you get from the report ?
Barry James
Apologies but have another meeting so will need to drop out now. Thanks to all the team. Barry
Naushad Khadun
With respect to the report - What are your thoughts on the cost of capital for Fintechs & startups and what trend has been most effective in permitting Fintechs to optimize their funding models?
Temiloluwa Oluokun
Hi Neil, given the limitations imposed by the pandemic, what are some ways to achieve public enlightenment and sensitization, to promote financial inclusion?
Neil Jessiman
Karsten Wenzlaff
Thank you all for attending the launch Event!
Tamara Ferreira Schmidt
Thank you all!
Urszula Mrzyglod
Thank you very much :)
Christin Friedrich
Thank you!
Mutumboi Mundia
Excellent launch and thank you for the insights. Well done - lots of hard work evidenced!